About Us

Mission Statement

The Pittsburgh Kindness Initiative’s goal is simple – to make Pittsburgh the kindness city in the world, one smile at a time.



The Pittsburgh Kindness Initiative was founded in November of 2013. It started simply as a way to pay tribute to World Kindness Day. The idea gained a groundswell of support through social media.  By the time the first Holiday Kindness Celebration was held on December 7, 2013, the invitation had been shared nearly 6,000 times and almost 600 people had committed to participate on that day.  Everyone was encouraged to perform a Random Act of Kindness, either to a friend, family member or a complete stranger.  That person was then encouraged to “pay the kindness forward” by doing something kind for someone else. The movement has continued to grow as more people become aware of how simple acts of kindness can make our world a better place.  The goal is to make Pittsburgh the kindest city in the world.

Since that day, the Pittsburgh Kindness Initiative has hosted numerous quarterly kindness celebrations and monthly neighborhood kindness blitzes across Pittsburgh. These events usually start by everyone  gathering at a  local restaurant or charitable organization. Participants then disperse across the city to spread kindness.  The movement continues to grow and more and more people are sharing the joy of spreading kindness.

The Pittsburgh Kindness Initiative continues to host kindness events, and hundreds of people participate. The movement has thousands of followers on Facebook and hundreds of followers on Twitter. The Pittsburgh Kindness Initiative plans to reach even more people moving forward. Join us in our efforts to make Pittsburgh the kindest city in the world.