Monthly Archives: June 2016

My wonderful breakfast and dessert!!

A lovely man, Bert, bought my breakfast & dessert this morning at Microdiner on Mount Washington!! It made my week. I have told everyone about it. Thank you so much Bert and The Pittsburgh Kindness Initiative!!! -Mary


A very nice lady was in the parking lot today as I was going to Subway. She stopped me and asked if I was going there. She gave me a $25 Subway gift card because she’s gluten free and couldn’t use it. My son got a free lunch today!! I […]


When visiting Pittsburgh this month decided to have breakfast at Micro Diner on Shiloh St. While enjoying tasty food in a pleasant space the waitress approached us with the surprise announcement that our meal was already paid for! Questioning revealed how the Kindness Initiative works and gave us cards to […]

diner kindness

A kind person brought my sister and me an entire breakfast both of us in Pittsburgh, PA at a diner. We were there for my nephews’ graduation. Thank you

Savior In my time of need

I am happy to have received fifty dollars from Julius White. He gave me the money because I unfortunately was going through hard times transitioning from a job that had laid me off. I really had needed the money and it came directly on time I must say myself that […]