Monthly Archives: May 2016

Memorial Day Kindness

My boyfriend and I were eating breakfast at the Micro Diner on Memorial Day. We eat here every weekend. When it came time to check out, our waitress brought us this card and said that our meal was paid for. Thank you kind stranger and Happy Memorial Day!

Out of Gas

Two days ago while driving home from work, congestion was at an all time high on Babcock Blvd. I noticed a car that was stopped/broke down in the middle of the road so I pulled over to see if I can help. The young girl ran out of gas and […]

Free Cofee

Went to my favorite coffee shop–Delanie’s–and received a free coffee from one of their shaman master baristas. Also received this kindness card, which I will be sure to pass on.

Starbucks Surprise

This really nice woman was two places in front of me in line at Starbucks when she offered to pay for my drink. She seemed really nervous to be approaching people but was very generous. I thought, hey why not. So I took the card she offered from the pay […]