Monthly Archives: April 2016

Standing outside of work getting some air and a car drove by and handed me this envelope with the card and a lottery ticket inside. Didn’t win anything but brightened my day that someone cared to take the time to do this


Myself & 2 of my co-workers were breaking at work, when a car with a nice young couple drove by handed us an envelope with a lottery card in it! Made me smile & it made my evening. I didnt win either BUT it was cool!


Myself & 2 other co-workers were taking a break at work. A young couple drove down the street & she handed us each an envelope containing a lottery card, smiled said Hope this brightens your day! I have read stories like this before but was never a part of the […]

The car in front of me bought my Starbucks this morning. It was only $3.16, but still super nice of them! Little things like this make the world a better place.