Monthly Archives: February 2016

Bright and Early Breakfast

Saturday morning, my boyfriend and I were out to breakfast preparing for a long day of running around. We stopped on Mt. Washington to get breakfast at the Micro Diner. When the time for the check came, our waitress told us that someone had anonymously paid for our breakfast and […]

Lost and then found

I was in pittsburg visiting our daughter and had lost my wallet. I had thought i had just packed it by mistake but when i got home i realized it was missing. I checked my answering machine and the message left was by a kind woman who had found my […]

Unexpected surpise

I stopped into my regular Panera Bread for breakfast before work. I placed my regular order and when it came time to pay I was told that a kind stranger had gifted me with a random act of kindness. This really made my day. I’m still smiling.