Monthly Archives: November 2015


My husband, daughter (11mo), and I were eating breakfast at a small local diner. Our breakfast tab was picked up by a kind stranger who never identified themselves. We suspect it was a gentleman who had been eating at the bar. Regardless, we were touched to receive this random act […]

A good friend bought my breakfast on the day I was leaving the city for the summer!

Lovefest at Shula’s Steakhouse

It’s actually kind of foggy given it was over a nightcap after a long workday and business dinner. But if I remember correctly, Larry, a partner who I’ve been working with over the past 9 months maybe said something nice about a vision I have been trying to bring to […]

Thanks for the coffees!

Today, for the third time this year, a stranger in front of me in a Starbucks drive-trhu line paid for my coffee! I’m not sure how I’ve lucked out and been the recipient so many times now, but each time it’s happened it’s made my day. Thanks strangers!