Monthly Archives: September 2015

A Royal Friendship

My daughter and I celebrated her HS graduation this year by taking a Royal Caribbean cruise from Baltimore to the Bahamas. There was a young man on the cruise with his girlfriend who won one of the contests on board. His attitude was fantastic and he was obviously full of […]

Highland Park Lady

I have fun in to the same lady asking for money several times since relocating to Highland Park. The first time I met her, she offered to pump my gas at the Sunoco. I declined. I then ran in to her at the Highland Park Home Depot and she was […]

A great end to a stressful week

I’m an elementary teacher and my team and I had had a stressful week. This morning I decided to try and brighten everyone’s spirits by stopping at our local Dunkin Donuts for some munchkins for my colleagues. Anything to start our day off on a positive note. When I pulled […]

Kindness full circle

Every morning I stop at the same Starbucks for my morning coffee. The drive-up attendants know me well and I always ask to pick-up the tab for the car behind me. They smile and accommodate me always. This week was a little different, as I approached the window the employee […]


Today my friends and I were asked by a lady and a gentleman if we would take a few minutes to listen to their pitch for a new business they were trying to start. This right here is their new business they are trying to create and spread around the […]

Just Genuine

A co-worker of mine took the time out of what I’m sure was a busy day to help me towards a great cause…volunteering at our local community health net that helps care for homeless patients. Helping to help others, isn’t that what it’s all about? Her generosity did not stop […]

A nice little boy gave me a scratch off lottery ticket when I was on my lunch break