Monthly Archives: August 2015

There was a food booth at a Festival and I overheard this Man say he was hungry. I asked the girl to serve him what he wants and I will pay for it. I also told her not to tell him where his meal came from..

Target Treat

We surprised a mom and son behind us in line at Target today by telling them we’d pick up their stuff along with ours. We then explained the Pittsburgh Kindness Initiative and gave them the card. They were so very thankful, and the Target associate was loving it too. No […]

Little Shyanna

I was a recipient of the Kind card by my co-worker’s daughter and she said she gave me the card because she said my random kind acts, (i.e. share my lunch with others, a simple pep talk, teaching others to share, and may ability to fill people with laughter). I […]

Surprise at Starbucks

I was in Pittsburgh for the very first time attending a conference at a nearby hotel. I got up early and trudged down to the local Starbucks and splurged a little bit. Just as I was preparing to see my total on the register, a stranger ran up and said, […]

Gone too soon

Last Sunday night my ex brother-in-law passed away from a heroin overdose. We have all collected money to have his Children to see him and have a decent memorial. I am offering to pay for all the food at the funeral home… so sad.