Monthly Archives: July 2015

Awkward moment at Starbucks

I get coffee everyday at Starbucks. I order the same drink every day and this one barista messes it up every time. Today, she got it right and just happened to give me a random act of kindness card and paid for my coffee. I was confused, shocked and happy […]

Accidental Kindness and Instant Karma

It all started Saturday. I needed tomatoes, so I went to Brenkle’s to get some. They were sold out 🙁 so I got some other things instead. Sunday, I was leaving the house to go to the grocery and thought that I should go back and see if Brenkle’s had […]

Lunch for Nurses

The Patient Life Committee of West Penn Hospital dedicates time on Saturdays throughout the year to visit with cancer patients, bring them cookies and soft drinks and chat with them. While on our summer visit today, I also bought lunch for all the great nurses on floor 7 who tirelessly […]

Guardian angel

As I was driving home from a wedding today, I realized my car wasn’t driving right, so I pulled into a McDonald’s and saw that I had a flat. I immediately went into panic mode, and out of NOWHERE a gentleman appeared and said that he’d be happy to put […]

Patriotic Kindness

My afternoon flight yesterday from St. Louis to Pittsburgh was cancelled after an hour and a half delay. I was booked on a later flight though O’Hare scheduled to arrive in Pittsburgh at 1:00 AM, eight hours late. Original arrival time was 5:00 PM. We were scheduled to leave O’Hare […]