Monthly Archives: June 2015

Embarrassed elderly woman at Giant Eagle.

I was in the check out line behind an elderly woman in Giant Eagle. When the cashier told the women her total, the lady quietly asked to to take back the baby aspirin because she did not have enough to pay. The cashier gave a face and grabbed the aspirin. […]

100% Tip

I stopped at Penn Six for dinner after the Pittsburgh Arts Festival. The bartender was hoping for some business from the festival becasue it was a little slow. Hopefully, my 100% tip on my dinner bill made him smile. It made me smile.

Dinner for Roger

For those who may frequent Shadyside, you may have seen the man who sits patiently in front of the building next to Giant Eagle. His name is Roger and I had the pleasure of speaking with him yesterday. We talked for about 20 minutes as I wanted to understand his […]