Yearly Archives: 2015

Lost it all

A very kind and most generous lady, whom I have never met, only through a mutual facebook site, was kind enough to donate $400 to my kids and I a couple of days ago. My belief in humanity and man kind has really just come alive! I posted my story […]

Kindergarten gifts!

On Saturday I went to Target. In front on me in line was a man purchasing 27 little fleece throws. I asked whom he was intending to keep warm with them. He responded "my wife is a kindergarten teacher and she is purchasing for her class because many don’t have […]

Birthday Girl

This evening on my way home I stopped at a local cafe to grab dinner to take home with me. Behind me in line was a sweet little 5 year old girl and her younger brother along with their mom. She was smiling and excited and proceeded to tell me […]


My husband, daughter (11mo), and I were eating breakfast at a small local diner. Our breakfast tab was picked up by a kind stranger who never identified themselves. We suspect it was a gentleman who had been eating at the bar. Regardless, we were touched to receive this random act […]

A good friend bought my breakfast on the day I was leaving the city for the summer!