Bad day

Date: 05-15-02
Location: Pittsburgh pa

My husband and I went to dinner last night. As we were waiting for a table, a young family was seated. They had an infant in a carrier who everything mom put the carrier down, the baby cried. Three times before their dinner arrived, mom took the baby in the carrier outside and walked the parking lot. After the third attempt the baby had fallen asleep and mom was able to begin eating. Not two minutes later their two year boy began fussing. Dad was trying to calm him and get him to eat and he wasn’t havent it. He wanted mom to hold him and not the baby. Mom was just stressed. Dad was trying the best he could and you could just tell the two parents were trying to keep the kids calm and mom finally said to dad, let’s just get this to go and not bother everyone else in the restaurant. I felt bad for them. I don’t hAve kids but I can just tell that it was a rough day. I had our waitress bring me their bill in hopes to make their evening a little better. Didn’t want them to know I picked it up. It was interesting after their were told their check had been paid, watching the. Look around and try to figure out who did it.