Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pittsburgh Kindness Initiative (PKI)?

We are a movement that aims to make Pittsburgh the kindest city in the world by doing random acts of kindness and paying that kindness forward.


I received a card that told me to come to this website. What am I doing here?

If you have received one of our cards, that means that someone did something kind for you. Now you have the opportunity to share your story of that kindness act that was done for you. Then you can pay the kindness forward by doing something kind for someone else, giving them the card, and telling your own story on here!


I never received a card, but I did something kind for someone. Can I still share my story?

Absolutely! You don’t need one of our cards to be kind to people or tell your story. The purpose of the cards is to track where our kindness goes, but we encourage everyone to be kind to one another whether you have a card or not.


How can I get involved with the PKI?

You can get involved in many ways! You can sign up to attend one of our kindness blitzes or celebrations coming up. You can also message us on our PKI Facebook page if you are interested in becoming actively involved in setting up one of our kindness activities, or creating a Random Acts of Kindness Day at your place of work, school, charitable organization or religious organization.  Of course, you can get involved simply by being kind and encouraging others to be kind as well. When you surprise someone with kindness, tell them about the Pittsburgh Kindness Initiative and encourage them to pay the kindness forward. You can also ask them to share their kindness stories right here with the community. Additionally, you can read stories that others have posted if you want inspiration on how to start or continue your kindness journey.


What exactly is “kindness”?

Some define kindness as extending courtesy, consideration or compassion to others. What that looks like may vary from culture to culture, so we have not tried to promote a specific definition of kindness.  Each person and each culture may have a slightly different interpretation of what kindness means to them.  Our aim is to expand kindness, however it is defined, to other cities, states and even countries. We want people to actively care for each other.  Sometimes kindness may be simply walking away from a tense situation.  We encourage everyone to develop their own definition of kindness and express it frequently.


I want to be kind to others, but I don’t want my name showing up on this website…

That’s totally fine! On our Stories page, you have the option to remain anonymous whenever you post a kindness story.


I’m not from Pittsburgh but you guys have a really cool idea. How can I start my own kindness initiative in my area?

There are many ways that you can start your own kindness initiative. You can start being kind to others and encouraging them to pay the kindness forward. If you are involved with social media, Facebook is a great tool to create pages and events to organize people once you have a movement going. Twitter is great for small updates. If you are comfortable creating your own website, feel free to make one similar to ours. We would love to hear about your efforts and help you get your movement off the ground! Feel free to share your story of starting a kindness initiative with us so that we can help you every step of the way.